Katie Ruggle – Hold Your Breath

“You been annoying anyone lately?”

“Besides you?”


”Nope.” Rubbing her forehead with the heel of her hand, she shrugged.  “No one that I know of, at least.  I might be ignorantly aggravating random people, though. I wouldn’t put it past me.”

Kate Bush – This woman’s work

“just make it go away”

JT Coldfire – She’s crazy


Tash Sultana’s live set at Rolling Stone

More Tash

Anderson East – Devil in Me

“forgive me for what I’m thinking”

Nic Clark and Gino Matteo – Big Fat Mama

“clothes don’t fit you right”

Nic Clark and Curtis Hawkins – Mighty Long Time

Nuthin’ but the Blues

Lucious – Dusty Trails

“I’m halfway to misery”