MLB – Mariners hire woman as area scout

someday I hope something like this won’t be news-worthy.  Go Mariners!

“We didn’t make a big deal out of it, and the reason we didn’t was because she fits right in,” McNamara said Tuesday at the Winter Meetings. “I look at her as a scout. Everybody here is excited. We’re excited because we feel we’ve hired a good scout.”

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Marshall Ruffin and Ben Sollee – Duet

I’m not big on gospel, but sometimes impromptu turns into something good!

Ben Sollee – Letting go

The Cello strikes again!

Moby – Why does my heart feel so bad?

Perfect post-vacation depression, back to work degradation blues song!

Minuteman Missile – Hidden in Plain Sight

During the Cold War, a vast arsenal of nuclear missiles were placed in the Great Plains. Hidden in plain sight, for thirty years 1,000 missiles were kept on constant alert; hundreds remain today. The Minuteman Missile remains an iconic weapon in the American nuclear arsenal. It holds the power to destroy civilization, but is meant as a nuclear deterrent to maintain peace and prevent war.

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Iron Maiden – Dance Of Death

this popped up in the search when I was looking for the Celtic song “Waltz of the Young Maidens” hahahaha

Celtic Devotion – Waltz of the Young Maidens

8Forty8 – This World of Mine

a friend of mine says she has “a deep and mystical connection” to the music of 8Forty8