Larkin Poe – Preachin’ Blues

Emily Elbert – Come too far

Nic Fareiss and Brittany Haas

On Friday nights I feel like I could dance just like Nic.

Chalk Sign – Soup

Soup of the day - tequila

Embrace the Weird – Female wars

” Often the comment that begins female wars is this: Hmm. You read that correctly. One woman will say something and the other one will respond by simply saying Hmm. But it’s all in the tone. When a bitchy tone is applied to Hmm it changes the meaning and becomes F*** You.”

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Mark Knopfler and James Taylor – Sailing to Philadelphia

Two of the best!!!

The Rogues – Gravel walk

St. Patty’s take 2.
“I’m pretty sure that bagpipe caught fire”

Maura O’Connell – Irish Blues

In honor of St. Patty’s day.
“Do you love an apple”