Libby’s – Pumpkin, spice, and everything nice muffins

pumpkin cranberry muffins
Libby’s pumpkin muffins, made from a can of pumpkin, a spice cake mix, and dried cranberries

Thanks to my friend K, I no longer feel like I have to bake everything from scratch to have delicious homemade goodies.

She’s a big fan of Sandra Lee’s “semi-homemade” style of cooking – smart and simple! – and I’ve been following her lead in adding the convenience of prepared foods to my recipes.

What I wanted: moist pumpkin muffins with lots of spice. There are plenty of pumpkin muffin recipes on the ‘net and in my cookbook collection – how to choose?

The best pumpkin snack bars I’ve ever made came from a recipe I found on a food-service-size can of Libby’s pumpkin (128 servings!), so I decided to check out the Libby’s website to see what they had to offer the home cook.

Found it! A recipe for super easy, customizable, pumpkin spice muffins that started with a spice cake mix.

Tweaks: Two whole eggs instead of the three egg whites called for; sweetened dried cranberries from the bulk bin instead of raisins. Yum!

Try the recipe yourself; you’ll find it here »

Sandra Lee’s website »

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