The Gold Lining Girl – Easy Pumpkin Gnocchi

pumpkin gnocchi
I’m told my cooking gets better after I’ve had a beer or two; my photography, not so much.

Even after a long exciting day delivering a watercolor to a gallery in the Tri-Cities — followed by locally-crafted beer from Paradise Brewery — I couldn’t resist giving the recipe for these lovely little dumplings a try. They taste much better than my photo would lead you to believe!

Excellent balance of flavors in the gnocchi themselves; the combination of Parmesan and nutmeg works well with the pumpkin. But it’s the amazingly-easy sauce, made from herbed goat cheese and garlic, that sets them apart. The texture of the gnocchi was firm and tender, and I love the color the pumpkin gives them. If I’d just had the oomph to make the pretty fork marks…

Tweaks: Herbed goat cheese instead of plain plus parsley.

The Gold Lining Girl’s Homemade Pumpkin Parmesan Gnocchi with Goat Cheese Garlic Sauce Recipe »

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