Caramelized pear cake slice

I’ll just say it right out – this is my favorite cake ever.

When the pears are ripe, usually right around the holidays, I’ll dig out my square cast iron skillet and start slicing and grating. This year it didn’t happen until February but I finally couldn’t wait any longer.

Caramelized pear cake The recipe, like so many of my favorites, is from, and it works every time.It’s redolent with candied ginger and orange peel, and the fragrance of the caramelized brown sugar and butter that coats the sliced pears will bring tears to your eyes. 🙂


Tweaks: I don’t peel the pears; I slice the quartered pears into fans; and they aren’t always Bosc. This year it was grated peel from a clementine rather than an orange.

Try the caramelized pear recipe at epicurious »

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