Watched bikes racing in Aragon Spain which led to this somehow.

It’s the endless fascination of the internet

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Also, Hercules is not the hero the movie made him out to be. You can’t trust Hollywood.

In classical mythology, Pyrene is a princess who gave her name to the Pyrenees. The Greek historianHerodotus says Pyrene is the name of a town in Celtic Europe.[3] According to Silius Italicus,[4] she was the virginal daughter of Bebryx, a king in Mediterranean Gaul by whom the hero Hercules was given hospitality during his quest to steal the cattle of Geryon[5] during his famous Labors. Hercules, characteristically drunk and lustful, violates the sacred code of hospitality and rapes his host’s daughter. Pyrene gives birth to a serpent and runs away to the woods, afraid that her father will be angry. Alone, she pours out her story to the trees, attracting the attention instead of wild beasts who tear her to pieces.

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