I love butternut squash. So smooth, so silky, so full of flavor. Hacking them up isn’t my favorite part, but they’re worth it.

Tweaked the lovely recipe from GI 365 (link below) to make it in the oven, rather than the crockpot. Browned the onion, set aside; browned the chicken (how can 3 minutes of browning splatter the stovetop so extensively?!), set aside.

Put the onions back in, topped with the chopped squash, topped with the chicken. Added three big sprigs of rosemary, crushed in my hands, and 2 cups of chicken broth – which was one cup too much, but it will make great soup!

Cover loosely, bake 50 minutes at 350F. Remove the rosemary twigs, add a couple tablespoons of cream and stir. Yum!

butternut squash

braised chicken, squash, and rosemary


Try the original recipe from GI 365 »

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