Why do professional athletes take part in dangerous activities and risk their lucrative careers, knowing the activity is prohibited in their contract?

Sample language from an NBA contract; from what I can see “what a reasonable person would consider substantial risk of bodily injury” is the key even if specific activities are not listed.

“The Player agrees that he will not, without the written consent of the Team, engage in any activity that a reasonable person would recognize as involving or exposing the participant to a substantial risk of bodily injury including, but not limited to: (i) sky-diving, hang gliding, snow skiing, rock or mountain climbing (as distinguished from hiking), rappelling, and bungee jumping; (ii) any fighting, boxing, or wrestling; (iii) driving or riding on a motorcycle or moped; (iv) riding in or on any motorized vehicle in any kind of race or racing contest; (v) operating an aircraft of any kind.”

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